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Juvenile Probation – FAQ

​• Do I need a lawyer?  
Yes.  The Judge will not proceed with a juvenile hearing unless the juvenile is represented by an attorney.

• How do I get a lawyer? 
All juvenile offenders qualify for the juvenile public defender.  If you choose to do so, you may hire an attorney at your own expense.

• How long will I be on probation?
There is no set amount of time a juvenile is on probation.  Each case is based on the supervision needs of the juvenile, completion of court-ordered requirements, and the number of probation violations.

• Can I do community service on my own?
 Yes, as long as it is pre-approved by the probation officer in charge of community service.

• Will this be on my record?
Yes.  You must apply for an expungement to have it removed from your record.

• Will this affect me getting a job? 
Maybe.  It depends on what job you are applying for and what offense(s) you were adjudicated delinquent of.

• Is probation finished when I turn 18? 
No.  If you were charged with a crime prior to your 18th birthday, adjudicated delinquent and placed on probation, we may keep you on probation until your 21st birthday.

• Do I have to pay if my child is placed outside the home?
Yes.  You may have to pay a portion of the placement costs if your child is placed outside of your home.  You will be contacted by the Domestic Relations Section of this Court, they will gather financial information from you and determine the amount that you must pay.

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