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Recorder of Deeds office announces FraudSleuth

The Wyoming County Recorder of Deeds office is pleased to now offer property owners a fraud protection tool, called FraudSleuth. This FREE online tracking service is available to all Wyoming County property owners and will automatically send alert notifications to help safeguard against potential property fraud.

FraudSleuth is a software-based monitoring tool, provided through our vendor GovOS.

Starting from the date your profile is created, when a document is recorded that matches your established profile you will receive an automatic email alert that is associated to the user account. The email alerts property owners when a document -such as a deed, mortgage, or mortgage satisfaction- related to a specific name is recorded. The email notification will include the date and recording information of the document for the specific profile name.

Previously, landowners had the capability to conduct a simple name search to see what documents are recorded in our office, which you can still do. With heightened telemarketing scams ranging from the theft of home equity and personal property, Wyoming County Recorder of Deeds is providing an additional layer of protection to our residents and their properties.

Wyoming County is not aware of any attempted real estate fraud but we wanted to be proactive and preventive and we encourage property owners to take advantage of this additional tool and sign up for FraudSleuth.

If you would like more information about FraudSleuth or to set up your User/Profile now please visit www.wycopa.org. And then go to our Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds homepage. Any questions please call 570-996-2361, we will be happy to assist you.

FraudSleuth – Register of Wills & Recorder of Deeds

Additional Announcement

Recently, there have been scams charging exorbitant fees for copies of your documents such as deeds or mortgages. Copies are available in our office and online at www.wycopa.org, for a minimal fee. We are always available for questions at 570-996-2361.

Recorder of Deeds Dennis Montross said his office continues to strive to offer the most innovated technologies for users of our office. And he thanks you for your continued trust and support.

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